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In an era of shorter software product release schedules, organizations adopting the principles of DevOps can realize an important competitive advantage.

Simply put, DevOps is a process for close collaboration between developers, QA, product owners and IT operations during the entire product lifecycle to ensure software is released rapidly without compromising on quality.

About Our DevOps Consulting

In a high-functioning DevOps culture, QA is one of the pillars because it ensures everyone is responsible for bug-free software throughout the entire process. The “lines” between development and QA are blurred and many responsibilities become shared – and bug prevention becomes even more important than bug detection.

tap|QA’s consulting solutions will put the power of our DevOps, Automation, CI and QA experts in your hands, ensuring your DevOps processes are tailored to your needs and, once put in place, that you are releasing high-quality quality software to your audience faster than ever.

  • Implementation of DevOps including organizational readiness and process / culture modifications

  • Process engineering: ensuring the development cycle is focusing on both bug prevention and bug detection

  • Test Automation Consulting – review of current frameworks and methods (if applicable), and/or creation of efficient, robust and elegant frameworks that mesh seamlessly with your current DevOps teams!

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