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We use technology to provide meaningful metrics & transparency into your software development.

Our test automation services are perfect for clients looking to cut QA costs, decrease time-to-market and improve product quality and productivity. We utilize the latest continuous integration (CI) technologies such as Jenkins, Selenium, Cucumber, and more.

tap|AUTOMATION includes software testing solutions for website, desktop, mobile devices, hardware, firmware, medical and more.

Using automation, we create the capability for continuous integration, delivery & deployment in shared development, testing, staging and production environments.

Strategic consulting and implementation of requirements, quality, release, and change management technology, including automation and performance tools.

Expert knowledge in assessing, recommending & implementing tool technologies to provide our clients the ability to create effective metrics, Our knowledge includes HP & Microsoft as well as freeware solutions that encompass management, functional automation and performance testing technologies.

  • Written in house using cutting edge open source & low cost tools
  • Platform agnostic – we can test anything!
  • Extensible as tools and needs change
  • Robust framework to meet most every need!

Benefits of our Test Automation Services

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