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Testing and QA is what we do.

Since 2010, Twin Cities-based tap|QA has worked with clients nationwide with remarkable success stories in helping increasing velocity, while decreasing the cost of quality.

We are one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing QA-centric consulting firms.  We deliver excellence in automated testing, manual testing, nearshore services, DevOps, and quality strategies.

We’re able to separate strategic from tactical resources; one of our biggest strengths. At the beginning of a project, you may need help with a strategic approach, and we will provide that. During a project, you depend on tactical skills, and we’ve focused on creating a solution that’s just as affordable as offshore contracting, but without the hassles.

Our mission is to advance the careers of Test and QA professionals and help newcomers enter the field, whether they join us full-time, or work with us on a project basis. If you’re a Test and QA professional in the Twin Cities area, we’d like to get to know you. If you don’t have experience in the field, but would like to explore the possibilities, please let us know. We have entry level positions, complete with formal training and mentoring.

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Kimberly Bunda
Consulting Partner

I chose Test and QA as a career because it encompasses the big picture view of technical delivery and how the business works. Understanding the business and knowing the impacts of “what if it doesn’t work right?” is essential. In my experience, combining the right amount of testing with the right types of testing, while targeting the critical processes of the application, will save clients money, time and frustration. Gary Nash said “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of deliberate intention, effort and intelligent direction.” I gain great satisfaction by being part of the safety net for both the developers and the business.

Mike Faulise
Managing Partner

Throughout my career, I’ve seen software development evolve along the multiple paths of various methodologies. But testing at it’s core has remained essentially constant only adapting to each methodology. Quality can be defined as “Understanding Risk” and I have seen how critical this is to every business large or small. I have been fortunate to speak about the importance of Quality at several national conferences including SQE Agile Development, IIST and StarWest/East conferences. I continue my passion for Quality by driving innovative ideas as software development evolves.

Tim Guilfoil
Managing Partner

I’ve learned in my 30 years of business experience that quality can’t be compromised. It transcends all aspects of business from a company’s internal systems and processes, the production and delivery of their product and service to their on-going support of clients and employees. Having run several companies from an operational perspective, I have experienced both the benefits of high quality systems and the consequences of systems that are under par. At tap|QA, our complete focus is on helping our clients deliver the highest quality systems and processes to their customers, partners and employees.

Jennifer Bonine
VP, Global Delivery and Solutions

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be the strategic C-Suite advisor for some of the most respected Fortune 100 companies in the areas of technology strategic roadmap, quality assurance, organizational development, and change management. I’ve also witnessed first-hand the importance of a strategic quality mindset. World-class technology solutions don’t just happen overnight, but I’ve seen countless times that a great process and strategy up front results in success and business growth at the finish. I feel very fortunate to have helped deliver these solutions throughout my career.

Richard Faulise
Delivery Director

I developed a true passion for QA when I realized I was less interested in the code itself, and more interested in the physics of what was happening with the software. With tap|QA – we search for consultants with a similar mindset; the curious types that like to break things as much as they like to make things. I really enjoy being a part of an organization that rewards a real passion for this type of work, and gets to work on some amazing, cutting-edge tech. Being able to bring jobs back to Minnesota is icing on the cake!

Kirk Walton
Director, Marketing and Business Development

In well over a decade of involvement in the local IT consulting market, one trait I’ve seen that great consultants and great companies consistently share is a true passion for the work that they do. At tap|QA, we are in a fortunate position that we get to work with such a passionate group of QA professionals; lifelong learners that thrive on making our clients’ lives easier. I’m proud to work for a company that shares such a strong passion for our work. That passion drives our dedication in giving QA professionals great work and a strong career path, along with our mission to bring more IT jobs back to Minnesota.

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